Askers Dodge is a blistering indie 4 piece international band based in Berlin, kindling shades of Queens of the Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys and Black Sabbath. Shows are frequent and energetic, full of witty lyrics, thick guitar, and emotional theatre. All held up by a dancey rhythmic engine room which is capable of turning every night into a Saturday night. Be careful that their retro daydreams don’t turn you into the screaming teenagers of the 50’s. The group have a history on the local Berlin rock scene, a favourite of the concert series Basement Bash, they’ve played notable shows all over the city. Now their sights are set higher with new music releases planned.


Greg Thompson

Vocals & Guitar

Ettore Carcano


Josh McEwen


Domenica Iturralde


Unapologetically honest, British frontman Greg Thompson bounds around the stage. Either imparting words of satirical warning or a high voltage guitar shock, his eye to eye fixation on the audience keeps all encapsulated. Flanked by Ecuadorian queen of the bass Domenica Iturralde, who keeps the cool rolling, backing vocals heavenly and hips swaying in groove. Italian Josh McEwen brings rigidity in the setup, carefully crafting melodies, adding effect heavy layers and occasionally letting the ice melt with a firey solo or riff. Behind the collection of wood and sticks, the French drummer boy Ettore Carcano batters out the tempo of the best night out you’re to ever have, from the brash handed anguish of rock and roll, to delicately placed grooves of a vampiric love song.


"The sultry song gives of a vibe of borderline psychopathic love. The opening guitar chords lure you in like hypnosis" 

- Indie Berlin

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